The Rotary Foundation (TRF) recently approved applications for two more Global Grants (GG) to support the funds to purchase materials and supplies for sustainable clean water, sanitation and hygiene facilities in the Mayan villages of Agua Caliente and Paxorotot, Guatemala.  As with the 25 previous projects sponsored by District 7890, all labor will be provided by the men and women in the communities.  668 families (approximately 4,208 people) will benefit from these improvements.  The budget for Agua Caliente is $130,457 while the one for Paxorotot is $107,258.

District Chair for Water & Sanitation Projects and Manchester Rotarian Rick Lawrence worked with the Cooperating Organization, ALDEA, and the Host Rotary Club in La Antigua, Guatemala to provide the data, detailed information, MOU’s and other documents required by TRF for the approvals.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Applications required information describing how the projects’ design, implementation, training activities, monitoring and evaluation will be accomplished in a healthy, safe manner for the residents, Rotarians and ALDEA staff.

District 7890 has been the leader by providing District Designated Funds (DDF) since GG’s were initiated by TRF seven years ago. Annually, close to half the clubs in our District have assisted in the funding and this notice is intended to commend those clubs that their support has been so instrumental in achieving the required funding.  Nine clubs in our District have already made contributions to support these new GG’s and others are welcomed to join them now that approval has been received.

Rick will once again offer to be the guest speaker at clubs in CT, MA and RI in order to show how these projects improve immeasurably the lives of these people either virtually or in-person when such events are resumed.  Any club desiring more information, or to schedule such a presentation, should contact Rick by cell phone (860) 558-2793 or email:

Photos below show the potable running water and sanitation facilities (improved pit latrines) at each household in the 3 villages visited in February/March 2019 – Chajalajya, Simajulehu & Xetonox.