Tarik Amin is a New Britain native with a fascinating life of overcoming obstacles and finding his own path to success. He is a self-taught poet with an intense passion for writing and self-expression. He is well respected in New Britain and in many other areas across the state.


Eight year old Tarik was inspired to write poetry by his older brother, which led him to begin creating his own poetry with his childhood friends. Unable to read before the age of 21, Tarik had to memorize the poems he created. But today, after learning how to read while serving time in prison, he writes and reads so much that he now finds it difficult to memorize his poems. 


Despite hardships including periods of drug addiction and incarceration, Tarik has excelled in his professional and academic endeavors. Within a ten-year span, he has published a total of nine books of poetry—four solo volumes and five collaboration chapbooks—as well as two more projects currently underway. 


Between 2009 and 2017 Tarik organized and hosted a number of open mic events held in the New Britain local library, community center and Museum of American Art.  Here he encouraged fellow poets and residents to share their written and musical work. More recently Tarik has shifted his focus to furthering his education.  He began studies at Manchester Community College, then transferred to Springfield College where he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services. Tarik aspires to be a professional in the field of mental health and addiction treatment.

“The point of my books is to be of positive service to the entire universe.

As a sincere devotee to the Almighty Creator and Recovery,

this is my way of making an amends to society and showing appreciation 

to everyone who makes a difference in our world for the betterment of humanity”


Story by Tarik Amin, edited for web page by Cathy Fogel