June 2-3, 2018
What does it take to send 33 Manchester girls to summer camp in Newbury, Vermont over the past 14 years? It takes the dedication and commitment of Marty Fins and his fellow Manchester Rotarians. It takes their gas-powered leaf blowers and string trimmers. It takes dozens of rakes, leaf barrels and some dump trucks. And it takes the support and cooperation of the Manchester school system to identify girls who would most benefit from a life changing, summer camp experience who would otherwise not have had the opportunity without this unique program.

Newbury, Vermont is home to Camp Farwell, the oldest, continually operating summer camp for girls in the U.S. Situated on beautiful Halls Lake, about 160 miles north of Manchester, this 100-acre camp boasts of a well-regarded horse riding program as well as all the summer camp experiences of which books are written.
So, how did such an extraordinary opportunity for some very lucky girls come about? It’s called sweat equity. Each year 4-5 camperships are provided in exchange for a weekend of getting the camp grounds spruced up so that nature and the woodland never looked more inviting. But, it’s not all sacrifice, blisters and sore backs. Manchester Rotarians, along with our community partners from the Manchester Knights Youth Football program, get to share an experience that strengthens our bonds, enhances our comradery, and gives us a sense of fulfillment that few other experiences will ever do. We get to see the direct benefit of our physical endeavors translated into the remarkable opportunity to transform lives. It’s great to be a Rotarian!