"Polio or poliomyelitis was once the epidemic that killed or paralyzed young people in the 1950’s. Since Dr. Jonas Salk discovered the early polio vaccine, we no longer have to fear this once common disease," noted Dr. Wick Wickersham of Manchester.  Dr. Wickersham serves as a member of the Manchester Rotary Club and personally travelled to India in 2012 to administer polio vaccinations on behalf of Rotary International.

Rotary International and local Rotary clubs have been involved in worldwide polio immunization efforts since 1979. Rotary has been successful to the point that, until recently, only three countries in the world had unchecked disease: Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan. On August 25 the World Health Organization announced that  wild polio virus transmission has officially been stopped in all 47 African countries.  Polio remains endemic in Pakistan and Afghanistan

October 24th is designated as World Polio Day in remembrance of this once common epidemic. Visit endpolio.org or contact Dr. Wick Wickersham via email at rotarymanchesterct@gmail.com to learn how you can help!

The fight against polio is just one of the many programs supported by Rotarians.  Rotary Club members are business people, educators, clergy, doctors, lawyers and others from all walks of life, various ages and represent the ethnic and religious culture of our communities.  Check our the Manchester Rotary Club’s Facebook page for more detailed information.


Dr. Wick Wickersham administers the polio vaccine in India, 2012.     .